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Old Pirate wrote:

I don't need three cameras so do I trade my A7riv or A9ii? Anyone who has shot all three who would share their opinion I would appreciate.

I travel.

I love to shoot BIF.

Grandchildren portraits, and cameos, and their sports indoors and out are done alot in non Covid times.

I am leaning towards keeping the A9ii, but seeking opinions of others in the event this old man simply is missing the obvious.

Thank you for your input.

I have the A1 and A9 and I feel that they complement each other. My A7rIII only sees the light of day when I go landscaping. I shoot basketball a good deal and the A7rIII can’t keep up with either body. Things to consider are noise performance, rolling shutter and flicker management. I would hang onto the A9II personally.

Could you elaborate on how a1 and a9 complement each other?

I see a9 and a7r being a good backup body (less expensive than a second a1), but I would switch to a9 or a7r only if my a1 is broken.

My A9 is a MkI and it still focuses nearly as fast and accurately as the A1. Also, it is handy to have a lower resolution body for portraits and such. Your A9II should have better high ISO performance than either the A7rIV or even the A1. That can be useful in many situations.

Thank you for your comments.

Looking at PhotonsToPhotos and DPR Studio Scene, it does not seem that a9II has better high ISO performance. Actually, images from a7rIV and a1 look better than a9II (better detail at ISO 6400). I do not understand why the lower resolution is better for portraits. I understand that 24MP is often enough resolution.

I would have stayed with a9 if a1 did not allow me to replace a7rIV as well.

I didn’t mean that lower resolution is better for portraits, just that there are times you don’t need high resolution shots.

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