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Re: A1 .. it's a "Gucci watch" for those concerned mostly with image instead of images...

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Rob J wrote:

You (and likely many others) are not going to like my opinion but I'm going to throw it out there anyway for what it's worth. (probably nothing).

I too, am sorely tempted by the A1. When considering the actual purchase though, I ask myself the following questions.

Will an Ai blow the photos that I'm getting from my A7rIII out of the water? Will I take much better travel, BIF, portraits, landscapes than I do now? Will the photos that come out of an Ai be obvious to even the most sophisticated viewer that they were taken with a superior camera? Will this camera somehow improve my skill level and make me a significantly better photographer than I am now?

The answer to all of those question for me is NO.

I totally agree.

Not only is the thing ridiculously expensive but I have yet to see an image posted that could not just as easily have been captured with my current A9.

So aside from the pose factor of toting the latest gear (and almost certainly showing to others that you do NOT make your living from photography) there really is no advantage to an A1 upgrade IMHO.

IMHO it's a Gucci watch camera for those more concerned with their image rather than their images.

Me.. I'm considering one of the new prime lenses. FAR more likely to show me some clearly better results.

A1 improvements vs. A9 that are relevant to me:

- higher resolution

- 1 stop better max. DR

- faster sensor readout

- better weather sealing

- more responsive

- better UI (menu)

- better low-light AF (1EV improvement)

- higher resolution EVF

If one does not care about those items,..

Well actually I do (apart from resolution which I already have in spades at my current 24MP), but it's just not a big enough improvement to justify spending $7000 on it.

Agreed. I was objecting to the claim that a1 is a "Gucci watch camera for those more concerned with their image rather than their images."

And ... Better low light AF will not help me much when it clearly has worse low light noise BTW. Just saying.

I do not believe that a1 is worse at low light than a9. Looking at DPR Scene Studio, images at ISO 6400 look better from a1 than from a9II. Of course, if you look at the pixel level, a9 II shows less noise, but that kind of comparison is irrelevant.

Also, I have never found my current A9 to be "unresponsive" in any way whatsoever, far from it.

I had issues with the front dial when changing the aperture was delayed.

Again.. where exactly are you seeing the $7000 value?

For me, merging a7rIV and a9II (total cost $7500) into one camera is worth it. No need to own two different bodies. The only issue is that I do not have a backup camera any longer.

Where can I better spend that money to see more improvement in my results? (That last question is easy to answer .. at least it is for me: glass).

That is a very valid point of view. I do not argue with that.

A9 was a clear step forward. A9 II and A1 are only incremental steps, IMO.

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