EF-500 DG Super & OC-1100 on 7Hi

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Re: EF-500 DG Super & OC-1100 on 7Hi

yeah, i know that, of course. but i love the effect of offcam flash. where i can just hold the flash with my left hand as i shoot with my right, position the flash anywhere i want it to be for shadow effects.

i just wanna be sure if just with the cable alone, i can already use the flash without need of buying the offcam shoe adapter. i know that with the minolta 5600 flash, you can plug the cable direct to the flash and fire away. but some flash units need the shoe adaptor.


bobby t.

Joaquim Pereira wrote:

What you need to do is buy the "MA" (Minolta) version. That way you
just put the flash in the shoe - no need for adapter.

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