Which other system to pair with Fujifilm

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Re: Which other system to pair with Fujifilm

DuncanIdaho wrote:

wow this is really some great feedback from the community!

it looks like although we have many different opinions here, I hear are a lot of similar voices as well:

  • Sigma foveon seems to have a lot of fans, especially if its all about getting a different shooting experience

Well, there's 'different', and then there's a DP Merrill. When I owned one the lack of a viewfinder drove me nuts, particularly when combined with a screen that both doesn't tilt and has a sketchy refresh rate. The camera also lacks a cable release -- not even an old-school threaded shutter button, so count on using the 2-second timer in its place.

But despite all that, I'm considering repurchasing one, because the output really is, well, different.

  • nikon seems to be in favour of many fujistas. presumably if I would abandon fuji I would go for nikon because I am still familiar with their UI concept
  • gfx is a logical step up. maybe I do wait until prices of 50R drop a bit further... i also like the idea of totally slowing down the photo taking process
  • pentax could be a great option
  • sony seems to offer everything fuji lacks and vice versa. though I am not too fond of sony as a brand I like the direction they are going (thanks for the hint reg. the aperture rings in their latest lenses!) and can imagine keeping fuji for the sould and add a sony to try out that extra bit of technical perfection
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