Diagonal Streaks In Sky on Select Shots (NOT Posterization)

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Re: Diagonal Streaks In Sky on Select Shots (NOT Posterization)

MikeInOr wrote:

Platographer wrote:

MikeInOr wrote:

I had a hard time seeing the effect you are talking about in the long exposure shot but it is more noticeable in the second shot you posted. It kind of looks like a very faded jet contrail in the picture.

If it were me I would take some identical(ish) sky shots with the Tamron and another lens then compare the two. If they both have the faint diagonal light stripe then I would suspect the camera. If only the Tamron does this then I would expect the lens. Maybe the lens has an internal reflection that is causing this light streak?

None of the similar photos taken with my Sony 16-35mm GM had this problem. But not all of the photos taken with the Tamron had this problem either. What issue with the lens or camera could cause this? Would internal reflections really create these lines? It's not just the one line--there are several around it. Some are dark and others are light, as if someone brushed straight diagonal lines in the sky and changed the exposure on them.

From your description it sounds pretty definite that it is a characteristic of the Tamron 28-200mm lens. If your 4x more expensive 16-35mm lens is not adding the same artifacts in a near identical situation in my book I would say it is safe to say that the camera is not at fault and the lens is at fault.

The potential problem with your assumption of a near identical situation is that the streaks might be due to shadows cast on the sky by clouds interfering with sunlight. It has been shown by other posters that this is a distinct possibility, and when the 16-35 was used, maybe those streaks were not there in the sky, as they might have been when the Tamron 28-200 was used. So, I would suggest it is premature to blame only the lens at this point, without considering other possibilities.

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