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Re: EF-R adapter....

I get what you are saying about the flexibility of an adapter and an existing collection of EF glass.

KariP wrote:

I have understood that Canon has made a really functional adapter EF - R

Price is about 110€. It makes older lenses fully functional with R bodies

Canon made a decent adapter for the EOS-M system as well. It allowed me to use all of my EOS EF L glass with the tiny EOS-M camera. This EF-M adapter had slower AF performance; but, was acceptable for many situations.

I quickly realized what was the point??? Those L lenses were very large and heavy and in a full camera bag, I rather have my 5D3 rather than the less functional EOS-M camera I owned at the time.

Things are different with advances in tech and Canon finally embracing FF mirrorless.

I use Canon FF with OVF as an "alternative system" with my EVF Fujifilm X - gear. The image quality differences are not so big, but sometimes FF with a very good lens is visibly different.

. 5DMkIV is a nice camera for many things and I have some good Canon lenses since ... I have meditated buying a R6 (or R5) with the EF-R adapter. 100-400LII and some others should work and I do not have to buy the R version lenses now - perhaps later. At the moment I like using OVF for some situations and R models can wait. Of course it is a good alternative to buy now a 5DMkIV - used or new. Almost all new cameras have EVF - but that is decided by camera manufacturers, not by photographers. IMO

Canon took too long to modernize! I had a decent set of eight Canon L glass with my 5D3/5D2 plus access to a friend's 600L and tilt/shift lens. What frustrated me was seeing how slow Canon was in upgrading its L glass lens lineup and then how slow it was to really embrace mirrorless at FF flagship as Sony did.

I had such a great time with my Fujifilm gear, I kept spending my $2K to $3K annual photography gear budget on more Fuji-X glass and body upgrades. This period was also when getting older meant I was less thrilled about hauling a heavier camera bag.

So around the time the 100-400 M2 L finally came out, I realized I didn't use any of my old Canon FF DSLR stuff for a very long time. I gave all of my Canon FF DSLR gear to my niece to further her passion for photography. If she decides to upgrade, she might buy a used 5D4 or might go with a Canon R5 or R6 plus that EF-R adapter. It is hard to ignore already owning a large set of lenses.

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