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SrMi wrote:

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Old Pirate wrote:

I don't need three cameras so do I trade my A7riv or A9ii? Anyone who has shot all three who would share their opinion I would appreciate.

I travel.

I love to shoot BIF.

Grandchildren portraits, and cameos, and their sports indoors and out are done alot in non Covid times.

I am leaning towards keeping the A9ii, but seeking opinions of others in the event this old man simply is missing the obvious.

Thank you for your input.

I have the A1 and A9 and I feel that they complement each other. My A7rIII only sees the light of day when I go landscaping. I shoot basketball a good deal and the A7rIII can’t keep up with either body. Things to consider are noise performance, rolling shutter and flicker management. I would hang onto the A9II personally.

Could you elaborate on how a1 and a9 complement each other?

I see a9 and a7r being a good backup body (less expensive than a second a1), but I would switch to a9 or a7r only if my a1 is broken.

My A9 is a MkI and it still focuses nearly as fast and accurately as the A1. Also, it is handy to have a lower resolution body for portraits and such. Your A9II should have better high ISO performance than either the A7rIV or even the A1. That can be useful in many situations.

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