How is AF between KP - K3.3 - K3.2 - K70

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Re: How is AF between KP - K3.3 - K3.2 - K70

I cant answer about K3mkiii performance yet as I too am watching from the sidelines and seeing who is providing what sort of reviews.

I can say fairly confidently that K3mkiii seems to have better tracking function which seems to be the general thoughts amongst all who now have it or have tried it.  I'm happy with the balance of thinking, However:

I too am not impressed by Pentax AF-S let alone their AF-C and it's really hard to tell by others experience especially when they are Pentax users and all keen to tell a good news story about their new purchase .... dare I say it ... a tiny bit of placebo effect based on spending so much money and justifying a new camera ????

I have issues with shooting medium to longer distance on borderline contrasting subjects where even the 18-135 zips into action but fails to lock sharply onto subject. Whereas my D800 just goes... i know what you want, here it is, what's next ....

Quantifying auto focus systems is a very difficult and scientific process and hopefully someone like DPR and Chris Nichols can put it into layman's terms for me.

Its not always about tracking, but even when it is, have Pentax improved it significantly but not quite nailed it ? I'm seeing a few people trying but the image quality is not impressing me so far... have Ricoh tried, improved most or some area's and not quite hit the mark.

Is that reliable AF-S we are both talking about been put aside ... thinking it's already really good, forgot to improve it in pursuit of AF-C and we are still left with a half baked effort of improvements?

The files are interesting, the mid to very high iso looks much cleaner but from what I've seen the files look more muted and almost lacking in detail up to 1600 iso. Maybe yet again it wasn't pure apples for apples and there is a better result to be had in RAW processing.

The jury is still out for me ..... i'm certainly no longer a starry eyed Pentax supporter but a realist who use to use them exclusively but now found their limitations and wondering where this new camera stacks up?

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