Diagonal Streaks In Sky on Select Shots (NOT Posterization)

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Re: Crepuscular rays

GSWayne wrote:

Platographer wrote:

GSWayne wrote:

One way to try to verify if it is sun rays would be to use a program (like PhotoPills or TPE) that determines the sun angle at the particular time and place you took the photo and see if the angle matches.

I used Sun Locator Lite for the time of the photos and it showed the below image. I took the photos April 4, but was unable to access other dates on the free app, so this is not exactly what it was like when the photo was taken (the sun would have been on a slightly lower track through the sky then). I'm not sure how to tell what angle could have caused the streaks (assuming the right cloud cover). The camera was facing the ocean from the beach (obviously). What do you make of this?

I realized the missing piece of the puzzle is the exact direction the camera was pointing, so it might not be possible to match up the sun angle with the streaks.

The camera was pointed toward the ocean from the beach. From the terrain map underlying the sun track in the screenshot, you can see which direction that is.

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