Diagonal Streaks In Sky on Select Shots (NOT Posterization)

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Re: Diagonal Streaks In Sky on Select Shots (NOT Posterization)

CaliforniaDave wrote:

Platographer wrote:

As I said in the post you quoted, the second photo was taken without filters.

Sorry, I missed that. Although I copied your quote, I was actually thinking about your post with the actual second picture in it, in which you seemed to be saying you had used a filter.

Did you shoot both RAW and JPEG when you took the picture? And, if so, did the JPEG have the streaks? If you have not shot both RAW and JPEG together, it might be useful to do so to see if the streaks are in the camera produced JPEG or are a result of processing the RAW. Does the Tamron 28-200 have the latest firmware?

No worries! Sorry for any confusion I created. I appreciate you taking the time to help me figure out this issue. Below is the full-res OOC jpeg of the normal exposure (second image I posted). If you look at it closely you can see where the streaks are, but they are much less pronounced and I would likely not notice it if I only evaluated the jpg or just the raw file as rendered by Lightroom without any processing. Before I exported the first version of this image I posted, I brought down the exposure (-1.03) and added a bit of contrast (+21) to make the issue more visible.

Tristimulus wrote:

The streaks corresponds to the shadow areas in the foregrond of the photo. Same sun angle. So most likely sun rays trough some small clouds towards the sun.

Guess you do not see the rays in pictures taken under similar conditions but on a different time and place.

As I review my photos, I think this may be a plausible explanation. I sure hope it is. I have looked up photos of the sun shining through the clouds and see a similar affect, but not quite the same. I would greatly appreciate other opinions about this and examples anyone else has.

CarlitosM wrote:

It's not obvious from the second image/description that there were no filters used. Some people always use protective/UV filters.

As you got it only with one lens but not the other, it seems more likely a lens than a camera issue. However, firmware/lens correction artefacts are usually not linear. Neither are internal reflections. The shorter exposure on which the streaks are more obvious was taken at a slightly smaller aperture. Is there a correlation between intensity of the streaks and the f number? Were the shots with the 16-35 taken at lower f numbers? Maybe you have something on the sensor from a not that well performed previous cleaning. I would clean lens and sensor and then see whether the streaks are coming back.

That's a good idea, but I used f/11 on a lot of the shots with my 16-35mm GM lens as well. Cleaning the sensor is a good idea, but I don't know how to do it without leaving streaks. I have examined my sensor with a bright headlamp and a magnifying glass with led lights on it and it looks pristine, save for a few tiny dust specs. Since getting the camera, I have performed a few wet cleanings with VSGO sensor swabs and sensor cleaning liquid. However, when I tried to clean a lens using the same method, I noticed that, under reflected light, it left a mess of streaks (which I since cleared with a pec pad). Since the sensor cannot be examined with a bright light perpendicular to the plane (which is what revealed the streaks on the lens), these streaks would not show even if they were on the sensor glass, which would look just as pristine as the lens did under direct lighting. I don't want to use a pec pad on the sensor glass or otherwise fool around with it for fear of scratching it or damaging the shutter.

aSevenArr wrote:

I see what looks like color noise in horizontal bands in your posted shot.

I also see similar circular "under exposure" bands in some of your other shots.

Yes I wouldn't be happy with these results either.

Check out the full-res OOC jpeg in this post. Do you see the horizontal band of color noise in it? I think I see what you were talking about in the low-res versions I posted, but I do not see it in the full-res OOC jpeg or in Lightroom while developing the raw file. So, I think that was compression artifacts. However, please let me know if you see what you described even in the full-res OOC jpeg.

As for the circular underexposure bands in some of my other shots, can you please say which shots you are describing? I previously posted a version of the long exposure shot with obvious rings in another thread to seek advice about what could be causing that issue. With the help of others, I figured out that lens correction was causing it. However, the images I posted are still in my gallery. Is that what you were seeing?

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