DP2s Color Accuracy revised

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Re: DP2s Color Accuracy revised

It'd be interesting to see how it fares under a daylight illuminant (D50, D65), as that's what the sensor is tuned for. More hypothetical than anything, enjoy the weather Ted!

N.B. dredged up from a hazy memory: SIGMA introduced RAW channel gain to the conversion pipeline with the the SD15, establishing accurate white points for different illuminants − prior to that it was 1:1:1, hence the infamous colour casts. From an even vaguer memory, the SD14, DP2S etc etc etc metadata only contains 2 WB matrices, so their colour accuracy moving away from daylight/sunlight and "X" will likely suffer; I can't recall the 2nd WB illuminant, and I don't have any F13 X3Fs to check the metadata.

For the FFF, I'd hope that SIGMA follows Hasselblad's lead and uses 3D LUTs in lieu of 3x3 matrices for RAW conversion. Matching Delta E 2000 would make it a great studio camera but for everything else... screw colour accuracy and call it a film preset 

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