your FZ "sweet spot": from FZ28 to FZ1000

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Re: your FZ "sweet spot": from FZ28 to FZ1000

FZ20: built like a tank, outstanding lens, it launched my digital photography passion as I was burned out from film. It was a hot seller as people discovered it's solid IQ.

FZ48: my "sleeper" camera that will grab a fine looking image if I do my part. I like it better than the FZ35 I had. Love the clean output of it's CCD sensor..very low noise vs CMOS.

FZ200: still a great camera today and more compact than the FZ300. While the FZ300 has shown some upgrades (evf, weather resistance), the IQ of the FZ200 has not been surpassed. The 300 will shoot in 4k, but I'll take 1080p as it's very difficult to see the difference between the two and the 1080p video files are MUCH easier to work with. The FZ200 in excellent condition can be found for $200.+- If you want new, the FZ300 would be a great choice.

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