Advice on a Macro Lens for A6600

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Re: Advice on a Macro Lens for A6600

jcurtistx wrote:

I recently purchased a Sony a6600, Sony 70-350mm and the Tamron 17-70mm f2.8 lenses and I am considering buying a macro lens (likely used). I am not going to get the Sony 90mm Macro (way too expensive for my purpose, granted it is a fantastic lens). I would only be using the lens for random stuff for fun and not professionally.

So I have been looking at the Sigma Macro 70mm, Sony 30mm Macro and even adapted A-Mount macro lenses (if I bought the LA-EA5) such as the Tamron 90mm, 60mm (used to have this on my old Sony A550/A55/A57) or even an older Minolta 100mm macro.

I have read mixed things regarding extension tubes, so not sure how good of an option they are (possible scuffing of contacts and AF can be affected).

Any advice is appreciated.

After using several different macros since the early '70s, I currently use the Sony 90 for serious macro work but for casual/walkaround closeups I use an achromatic closeup lens.

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