camera shutter remote not triggering flash

Started May 1, 2021 | Discussions thread
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Dondog New Member • Posts: 12
camera shutter remote not triggering flash

Hello DP community,

I am new here, and struggling with my first off camera flash setup while trying to do some self portraits :

I have my camera on a tripod with a radio transmitter and my flash is on a stand with a radio receiver.

when i press the shutter from the camera, everything goes well : flash triggers and camera takes the pic.

Now : when i release the shutter using an infrared remote instead of pressing the shutter from the camera, the camera take the pic but the flash does not trigger. The remote triggers the camera but it doesn't trigger the strobe.

Any idea or leads why its not working?
Thank you in advance

Iam using :

canon 5Dmkiii
canon rc6 infrared remote
600ex-rt flash
JCC JF-U1/JF-U2 radio transmitter receiver

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