Which other system to pair with Fujifilm

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Re: Which other system to pair with Fujifilm

DuncanIdaho wrote:

Ok, so instead of wondering what its like to shoot with other cameras, I decided to get a used mid-tier FF camera as an addition to my fujifilm kit. though I could also rent I believe buying used and selling will be more cost effective and allows me to spend more time with it. then again this is all just hobby to me and i'd like to play around with different tools.

I don't think you can get a good feel for a system for a few thousand dollars. For a few thousand you are looking at a body with kit lens or one or two primes.  You really got to have a decent lens selection to understand if you enjoy shooting with a system across all of the types of photography you like to do.

A major factor in what system I would try would be what camera gear my friends own and use. That would give me more options to try out/borrow different lenses and other gear.

I would actively support two systems if I'm considering switching over to another system. For me, switching systems means I start investing in lenses for a system over multiple years.

If I was honestly looking for a complementary system without leaving Fuji XF mount, I would be getting into Fujifilm MF.

If you really were into sports or wildlife photography and want excellent constant AF and access to the large, fast primes, your current choices get very interesting because prices are way beyond a few thousand dollars.

If I honestly wanted to dabble into another system to see how it is like, I would go with:

  1. Sony - Certain models have an excellent dynamic range which can be very useful for landscape work. Great selection of used and third-party lenses since it has been around a long time.
  2. Canon RF - Because I like the brand from my SLR/DSLR days. The major drawback for me is the fact it this system is too new and all of the lenses are expensive. I got burned by EOS-M before. I plan on waiting a few more years to see how things work out.
  3. m43 - I'd do this if I want to go smaller/lighter than Fuji-X APS-C or want to emphasize video in a lightweight package. Lots of inexpensive used lens options. I'm curious to see where m43 is at in five years. Dead by then?

I don't consider Nikon because I never seriously used Nikon. All of the Nikon poor financial performance stories don't help.

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