Which other system to pair with Fujifilm

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Re: Which other system to pair with Fujifilm

Human Elements wrote:

DuncanIdaho wrote:

  • Sigma foveon seems to have a lot of fans, especially if its all about getting a different shooting experience

I should also warn you that Foveon cameras have a lot of problems quirks that make them not for everyone. The sensors are very cranky, the cameras have poor AF and ISO performance, and they don't really fit into the typical software processing flow.

Having owned several Simga-cameras, I can certainly confirm they are quirky, but also very rewarding.

The AF is not fast BUT is always dead-accurate in my experience. So I wouldn't call it poor, just slow on occasion.

But if you want to see photos that actually have their own "color science," you can't do much better than Foveon unless you go medium format. Every other digital camera out there uses either a Bayer color filter or in the case of Fuji, X-Trans, which is a variant.

There's also camera's without CFA, but these do not render colours at all

But foveon is (more or less) a true color sensor with no color interpolation. They render fine detail extraordinarily well . They also happen to create stunning monochromes since they aren't interpolating via color filters.

Best of all, used cameras are quite cheap because everyone hates working with them!

I absolutely agree that the files from a Foveon-camera are totally unique.

In addition, Sigma-cameras are very well built. Despite being a small manufacturer (for cameras) they certainly know how to make them. The UI is also great in my opinion.

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