your FZ "sweet spot": from FZ28 to FZ1000

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Re: your FZ "sweet spot": from FZ28 to FZ1000

jf_tea wrote:

Now, I know that the FZ1000, FZ1000 mk 2 and FZ2000 are great. They are quite big though.

Most FZ models before them were great too.

Which ones are/were your favorite ? And why ?

Which ones would you recommend (used or new), with a nice balance between compactness, features and IQ ?

Since 2009, I owned and used the following Lumix superzoom cameras:

  • FZ28 : i've liked it a lot. Great lens, not too big, F/2.8-4. Amazing.
  • FZ35 : same great lens, faster auto-focus, but, more noise in pictures. Nonetheless, it was faster to save RAW files, and, when I look at those files now, I'm still amazed.
  • FZ150: another great lens F/2.8-4, with a wonderful lower noise sensor. My favorite FZ, so far (I have not tried the FZ1000 yet).
  • FZ200: nice F/2.8 from 25 to 600mm. But, the sensor is noisier than the one in the FZ150. And it's bulkier than the FZ150 (because of F/2.8 -- of course).

If I had to buy a FZ again, I might go for a FZ150 again. I still feel the FZ1000 is too big to carry for a long day of hiking or walking.

Yes, I know similar topics have been discussed in various threads here, but, we're still stuck in lockdown mostly and, we now have a lot more experience with those past cameras.

... and, maybe, like me, you had time to review your older pictures and notice the qualities and/or weaknesses in the files from previous cameras.

I've had:







The FZ300 is without doubt the stand out of them all. It's evolved & it shows.

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