What is holding Sigma back with the new Merril(s)?

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Re: What is holding Sigma back with the new Merril(s)?

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Anyway the Merrills both DP & SD have proved themselves as excellent cameras and I see no need for posts from relatively new posters denigrating them. They have been used by many of us to make amazing pictures over the last nine years and are still doing so.

that's exactly what i say (finally having gotten the SD1 this year) - if anything _needs_ upgrade, is the photographer, full frame merril won't be a magic bullet.
again, those who don't see foveon issues with color in certain circumstances - they certainly need some awareness, not larger frames

I agree with your sentiment but can we please respect the memory of Richard B Merrill by spelling his name correctly and capitalizing the "M"?

Thank you Ted. I agree.

In any case, there is no indication from Sigma that the "FFF" will be called a "Merrill" ...

I think it is certain that it will not be called a "Merrill"


It won't; but what "pranza" is talking about is a FF 1:1:1 sensor with similar properties to the Merrill.



I know that but I would like to think that the FF 1.1.1 Sigma / Foveon will be better all round over any other 1.1.1 that came before, so similar but better properties and I think that is what Kazuto has indicated that he wants also.


I agree. I think it will be much faster than any other Sigma camera with a Foveon sensor in it before, so not only will it produce better image quality than the SD Quattro, because of its better sensor, but I believe it will have a processor that is at least twice as fast as the one in the SD Quattro H, making it significantly faster than that camera too. I mean it's been a long time since the SD Quattro H was made, and mobile processors have sped up dramatically since then. I believe Sigma will include a better, faster EVF too . . . their best EVF yet. Just those improvements, and the fact that it will be able to use the native mount L lenses from Panasonic and Leica will make it an amazing and better camera than any other Sigma digital camera with a Foveon sensor, not to mention its ability to take Canon lenses and all the new Sigma L mount lenses too.

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