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Whip Pan Re: The fine print

ChrisGG wrote:

Something I would find really difficult to shoot cinema with the GFX 100 system would be it’s pretty aggressive rolling shutter. Personally that’s my least favourite after chromatic aberration to deal with in motion work. Going handheld with the camera on your shoulder is just too much fun to have to worry about panning the camera too fast while shooting

Chris you sound experienced. I'm not. Certainly I'm not in movie making

Whip Pan as explained in this video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhYvs7rrGnw

would highlight rolling shutter of Gfx100.

Yet Whip Pan is used in action films, fast paced scenes, FX transitions.

So many thousands of films don't fast Whip Pan, hence rolling shutter on GFx becomes moot in these thousands of films.

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