Which other system to pair with Fujifilm

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Re: Which other system to pair with Fujifilm

DuncanIdaho wrote:

Ok, so instead of wondering what its like to shoot with other cameras, I decided to get a used mid-tier FF camera as an addition to my fujifilm kit. though I could also rent I believe buying used and selling will be more cost effective and allows me to spend more time with it. then again this is all just hobby to me and i'd like to play around with different tools.

hence I was asking my self, which would be the best system or camera to pair with fujifilm? my idea was to buy a used FF body for under <2000€ and to get a system which has different strength/weaknesses than my current fuji (XE1 + XT2) setup.

My personal take on the different options is as follows:

Nikon Z

I was always fond of Nikon and a while ago I held a Z6 in my hand and have to say, that it felt absolutely like "coming home". I also like the way they pursue with there affordable yet very high quality 1.8 primes.

Used Z6's and Z7's are also a great bargain currently.

So compared to my XT2 I'd gain

  • better grip
  • IBIS
  • somewhat refined software (smartphone app, intelligent auto iso, more advanced bracketing, etc)

So I wonder if there are any people out here who have been asking the same question or are even running a two-system strategy??

I'm only chiming in because I have actual experience with the X-T2 and the Nikon Z system.  For most value for your money, the Nikon Z with their affordable f/1.8 lenses would be the most enticing option on my list.  Their f/4 lens are also up there in performance and quality.  In fact, it is hard to find much fault with all the Z lenses they have released so far.

The Nikon Z 6 would be the cheapest option to get your feet wet in the new system.  If you want visible improvement in IQ, the Nikon Z 7 should be a serious consideration.

Tim C.

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