How is AF between KP - K3.3 - K3.2 - K70

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Re: How is AF between KP - K3.3 - K3.2 - K70

david vella wrote:

Phil A Martin wrote:

Richard Smals wrote:


The reason i left Pentax was purely because of the Savox AF, i still have the K20D / K-01 / Q. I still have a lot of primes: 15 Lim | 21 Lim | 35 macro | 43 Lim | 55* | 77 Lim | 100 macro | Sigma 180 Macro. And some manual focus legacy glass. I used to have a K7, K5 Kx, K-M but i sold them all.

I use Pentax seldom but when i do i enjoy it but mostly manual focus with no time pressure. (For clients i use only my canon gear). The Savox AF is precise enough but hunts a lot, and especially with portrait aka people very frustrating.

The K3.3 has me intrigued though, but the question is: Can the latest iteration of Savox AF (version 13 i believe) accurate focus instantly on low contrast in motion faces?

I never had problems with stationery toy like figurines or derivatives there from, like you see on youtube, to show AF performance.

Are there K3.3 users to already have experience with portrait work, as in speedy AF/Accurate AF? Like real good eye focus, fast..consistent and predictable, even if it's only with the center point and recompose.


I've heard of the KP and K70 but not the K three point two nor the K three point three, do you by any chance mean the K3ii and the K3iii?

Same thing, just easier to type !

Oh come on, how hard is it to type "iii"? It's just an affectation to type K33.

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