How is AF between KP - K3.3 - K3.2 - K70

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Re: How is AF between KP - K3.3 - K3.2 - K70

Hello Paul_R_H

Paul_R_H wrote:

The answer so far is nobody knows. I and many here on this forum are keen for the same info. I have a K3 ii and would change to the K3 iii if its AF were much better.

about this:

But there are no professional review results yet such as the DPR bicycle test.

this bicycle test is such a easy to do test, I made one with my K5. DPR use the camera on a tripod. So, when you have the camera on a tripod and the camera is as high as the head of the driver, it can't get easier ! because your used focus point is always on the head....for all distances....without to move the camera up or down for that, when the street is plane. The only problem is, do you do this test at a cloudy day or at a sunny day, do the driver keep the same speed or do he get faster and faster. But this problems for to be able to compare such tests, DPR do not much count in, because we only see: could the camera nail always the focus or not. That is of cause a very important result for us, but comparing such test with other tests is not easy, because it depends on the maybe different driver speeds, contrasts do to the illumination, a continual speed, or a always getting faster speed.

best regards KPM2

There are some people on this forum who have bought the camera and have it in hand. But they haven't been able to do tests and post them. They are either too busy at work, or live in areas of bad weather, or are still setting up the complex AF menus, or aren't people who care that much about C.AF and eye tracking.

Besides, they bought a camera at great cost, and so they want to spend time taking shots as opposed to posting shots. I can't blame them.

We will have some answers soon, but sadly not yet. The most useful indicator I've found so far is

Scroll to 5.45

Note, though, that he's a Pentax ambassador (ie they give him a free camera).


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