How is AF between KP - K3.3 - K3.2 - K70

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Phil A Martin
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Re: How is AF between KP - K3.3 - K3.2 - K70

Richard Smals wrote:

Yes i mean K-3 III and K-3 II, i saw others also refer to them as K33 or K3.3 and K3.2. So i inherited that acronym

and some people write K33, which makes it look like a development of the real K30.

I'm not sure why people started to deviate from the correct K3iii as it appears on the camera, to K33 and I've never seen people do the same to the K3ii and write K32. I know I'm being pedantic but I find it a bit affectatious but please don't take this personally. I realise you're just following other people's practice.

There, I've said my piece


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