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It is an great, light lens, if ugly, however the minimum focus distance/magnification sucks compared to most other Canon options. The lens has climbed many mountains but fails for small flowers along the way. It was mainly this close focus frustration that turned me away from Nikkor Z lenses and the Nikon Z system.

The MFD of 30cm is actually very short--almost no non-macro EF lenses can focus that close. The 0.18x magnification does leave something to be desired. EF 50mm F1.8 STM is marginally better in this respect at 0.21x, and EF 35mm F2 IS is even better at 0.24x.

That said, if I were shopping specifically for a closeup-friendly standard prime for mountain climbing, I'd probably downscale to an EOS M body with an EF-M 28mm Macro STM. If full frame is a requirement, then I'd move to an EOS RP with an RF 35mm F1.8 STM, which is a half-macro.

That's a new term for me, @quiquae.

Sorry for the confusion. It's a term that's often used in Japanese photography circles to refer to 1:2 magnification macro lenses like the RF 35mm STM and EF 50mm Compact Macro. I wasn't aware that it isn't commonly used in English until you alerted me.

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