Recomendation for my new camera

Started Oct 28, 2003 | Discussions thread
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CP 4500 upgrade

Ping, I too like macros and landscapes, and I have had my CP4500 for one year - my first digital camera. Maybe it is a one-year itch, but like you I felt I wanted a better camera since I have been printing some 15 x 20s and wish for greater resolution. The CP4500 is a fine camera, but technology is advancing so quickly, regular upgrades seem to be the norm rather than buying the ultimate camera that will last decades.

At the risk of being booed off the site, I will say that I pre-ordered the Sony 828. My main reasons are to get better framing of my pictures in bright daylight (with a live histogram even), a wider and longer focal length, and a few more pixels. And I won't have to push a button many times just to get the timer for every shot! As for the noise, well, we'll see, but there are always several de-noising options in photoshop.

The heartbreak for me in parting with the 4500 is the fact it is such a great camera for hooking up to telescopes or microscopes.

I too briefly considered getting a dslr, but for now the all-in-one package seems more productive for me. And I love the large depth of field that those small sensors seem to provide.

Meanwhile, keep shotting with the venerable coolpix, last of the great swivel cameras.

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