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Really different technology or just a different brand ?

DuncanIdaho wrote:

Ok, so instead of wondering what its like to shoot with other cameras, I decided to get a used mid-tier FF camera as an addition to my fujifilm kit. though I could also rent I believe buying used and selling will be more cost effective and allows me to spend more time with it. then again this is all just hobby to me and i'd like to play around with different tools.

hence I was asking my self, which would be the best system or camera to pair with fujifilm? my idea was to buy a used FF body for under <2000€ and to get a system which has different strength/weaknesses than my current fuji (XE1 + XT2) setup.

My personal take on the different options is as follows:

Canon RF

I only had Nikon before and would be curious to try out a canon instead. plus used L-class EF lenses are widespread and easy to get on the 2nd hand market.

I like the surface material used of the EOS R and even though it has its quirks it would be good just for the sake of trying "something else".

unfortunately I believe my next camera should have IBIS. (I currently have XT2) in addition all new RF lenses fall into the categories "affordable but mediocre quality" or "superb but way too expensive for me".

Nikon Z

I was always fond of Nikon and a while ago I held a Z6 in my hand and have to say, that it felt absolutely like "coming home". I also like the way they pursue with there affordable yet very high quality 1.8 primes.

Used Z6's and Z7's are also a great bargain currently.

So compared to my XT2 I'd gain

  • better grip
  • IBIS
  • somewhat refined software (smartphone app, intelligent auto iso, more advanced bracketing, etc)


This is a tough one. TBH I dont really like sony as a camera brand. their sensors are great but to me they are still primarily an electronics company. I know this is purely subjective and does not make sense.

On the other hand, they seem to be a perfect companion to the fujis

  • Ergos are not perfect but Sony is constantly improving. the button placement, handgrip and built quality is good since the MKiii models and new models show that sony is constantly improving
  • has IBIS
  • many say they have a less "organic look", so this could also augment well to fuji
  • lens selection is simply outstanding. this is where fuji falls short and with sony there are tons of good 3rd party options even with AF
  • Sony has the best AF! it is probably safe to say that sony has a huge advantage here and will keep it over the next generations. though fuji is improving they are still behind and I am not confident they will close the gap. to sony could be the ideal system to tiptoe into bleeding edge AF tracking.


They are the underdog in the FF territory. normally I would love to give them a try but used bodies are not really cheaper than the competition. then there AF is even worse than the one from fujifilm, so I am not sure if that would pair so well.

Lens selection is also not that great if I rule out the super expensice leica lenses.

So I wonder if there are any people out here who have been asking the same question or are even running a two-system strategy??

You told also this: " and here's the thing: I casually shoot landscapes, document family life and do some macro. my craving to try something else is simply motivated by the fun of using a variety of technology and to form an own opinion rather than reading reviews the whole day long. one exception would be IBIS as I often roam through different cities in the evening hours due to frequent business trips, but that I could also get by buying an XT4."

I have used Fujifilm cameras since X-E1... I did not sell all my Canon gear and later even added some new (not the latest)

Anyway, I like the combination of my Fuji X-H1+E3 with. FF Canon 5DMkIV.


Optical viewfinder is different and sometimes IMO much better. Fuji does not have a lens exactly like 100-400L MkII and with 5D I really enjoy shooting wildlife.

Camera is also great in lowlight - high ISO and an IS lens is in real life almost as good as IBIS with some lens and my H1.

Lenses with IS are easy to find and there are even some primes with IS - macro lenses etc ( also from Sigma and Tamron )

5DMkIV is one possibility if you want something that really works and is different - it is still sold as new and I'm not sure how easy it is to find a used one that has not been in serious use of a pro...

IF you can consider also OVF there are many other FF possibilities.

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I started SLR film photography in 1968, first DSLR was Canon 40D in 2007. Now Fujifilm X-E3 and X-H1 for nature, walking around ,traveling/landscapes - fantastic 5DMkIV for landscapes, macro , BIF ... .

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