Which other system to pair with Fujifilm

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Re: Which other system to pair with Fujifilm

DuncanIdaho wrote:

hence I was asking my self, which would be the best system or camera to pair with fujifilm? my idea was to buy a used FF body for under <2000€ and to get a system which has different strength/weaknesses than my current fuji (XE1 + XT2) setup.

What specific use are you looking for?


They are the underdog in the FF territory. normally I would love to give them a try but used bodies are not really cheaper than the competition. then there AF is even worse than the one from fujifilm, so I am not sure if that would pair so well.

Lens selection is also not that great if I rule out the super expensice leica lenses.

There's a large number of Sigma-lenses available in L-mount; in fact I believe there are more lenses available for this system, than for Z & RF.

Myself, I use 2 FF-systems next to my Fuji X-T1.

One is the M Monochrom, which I use with lenses from the 1930ies to 50ies. This system is much better suited for manual focus than Fuji. In addition, the brutal simplicity of the camera is a big plus for me. But since you mention IBIS and AF, I would not recommend any M to you

A year ago, I purchased a Pentax K-1, and that's something you may want to consider: It's a very rugged camera, has effective IBIS, a great 36MP sensor with huge dynamic range. The UI/ergo is also pleasant to use. The downside is the size/weight, although the other cameras you listed aren't necessarily featherweights either. A good K-1 can be found in the range of 800-1000 euro.

In addition, you could also look at e.g. the Nikon&Canon-counterparts of the K-1. Although I believe those brands have always refused to implement stabilization into their bodies, but a stabilized lens might counter that. Another advantage of a used Canon SLR-system is the large used market.

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