Which other system to pair with Fujifilm

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Re: Which other system to pair with Fujifilm

DuncanIdaho wrote:

biza43 wrote:

For my photography, the increase in sensor size from APSC to FF does not bring any advantage. I actually came from FF to APSC, because it is good enough for me, and I like the results and operation philosophy from Fujifilm.

If I had the money and wanted visible improvements, I would go to Fujifilm MF.

To be quite frank, I dont expect a lot of improvement to my photography by sizing up the sensor. If I find myself confirmed, that apsc suffices I am more than happy with this outcome.

MF would be great to try out but as I said its beyond my budget.

norjens wrote:

... is that it depends. Depends on what gap you want the secondary system to fill.

Adapting vintage lenses? Sony A7 (original) is really good value for that. Really affordable and gets you the full image circle of those lenses.

and here's the thing: I casually shoot landscapes, document family life and do some macro. my craving to try something else is simply motivated by the fun of using a variety of technology and to form an own opinion rather than reading reviews the whole day long. one exception would be IBIS as I often roam through different cities in the evening hours due to frequent business trips, but that I could also get by buying an XT4.

Confusedabit wrote:

m43 is the way to go for portability.

I almost bought an olympus em5 mark ii but decided against it in favour for the fuji.

Take care not be sucked in to these often tempting passing fads

yes it's tempting and I came to the conclusion there is nothing wrong with just giving it a try. used camera gear can be bought and sold with a very limited monetary penalty.

You need to figure out what you're trying to achieve here. What's currently lacking in Fuji that you want from a different system. Is your fuji gear holding you back from taking the pictures you want? What features are looking for? You mentioned ibis...do you really need it though? Sony's ibis is not that great anyway.

It will also take time to learn to use & configure a new system before you figure out if you like it.

What about the X-S10? That has IBIS & is different enough from other Fujis if you're just looking for something different. It will be an upgrade in some ways to your xt2, is compact & you can use your existing lenses. What new lenses are you thinking to buy in this new system?

Since it's just a hobby, I don't know if owning 2 systems is going to help you become a better photographer. If anything you might get more headaches lol (a bit like having 2 wives :p)

Of course Sony will give you better AF but are you struggling with your Fuji? Are you having issues with low light? Do you plan on making huge prints?

I'm not saying don't buy a Sony or Nikon (definitely skip Canon :p) but just figure out what you want from that system first. That will make your decision a lot easier.

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