Which other system to pair with Fujifilm

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Re: Which other system to pair with Fujifilm

AshleyMC wrote:

You can buy new, you can buy used, you can sell, you can trade... No one hanging around in forums can make any suggestions that suit your specific desires. All they can do is tell you what they personally do or not do, for reasons that you do or do not agree with.

What's interesting to me is how this thread helps me review my own reasons for staying with Fuji X.  In a previous post I mentioned the Sigma fp L, a very small 60mp full frame camera.

Sure there are other systems out there.  They have various advantages and shortcomings, and all are compromises in some way.  And, so is the Fuji X system.

For me, the combination of a larger than micro-4/3 sensor and smaller than full frame bodies and lenses is pretty compelling.

Yes, the bodies have been growing maybe too much, and so have the lenses, but overall it is still smaller and lighter than full frame while being only slightly larger and heavier than micro-4/3.

My own tendency is to go as small and light as possible, for example the X-E4 with maybe a small third party manual lens.  The X-E4 is still on my "next buy" list.

I can downsize a fp L image to 1/4 original pixels and get a 15mp resultant image.  On the other hand I can do the same to a Fuji image and end up with only 6mp.  These are the sorts of tradeoffs I have to consider, and they are most likely not anything like the issues others will mull over, and I agree it doesn't seem like much gets debated.  But, I'm now taking another look at Fuji and asking myself if I really want all that extra resolution.  It's starting to look like I'll be staying with Fuji.  What I have with my Fuji images is pretty good considering my shooting tastes and postprocessing tolerances.

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