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Re: *** 25 April 2021 - 2nd May 2021 - Weekly Show, Tell, and Critique***

Birddogman wrote:

Oh, I didn't think in terms of wireless. In that case, what you say makes perfect sense.

Yes, I remember the days of dial-up. Pretty much impossible to do any real work with such a system.

To my surprise and delight (I figured it would be 50 years before it happened way out in the stick where we live with only a tiny handful of potential subscribers), just before my wife needed full-time care and I needed to work from home most of the time, the local cable company installed underground cable along the road up the mountain. They even ran the cable down my looong land to within 50 yards of the house. It had to cot them a fortune, but it was all at no cost to me - just hoping for new business I suppose.

Needless to say, I signed-up and ran the cable the final 50 yards from theri junction box to the house. Now, I had high-speed internet and my completely handicapped wife could have 300 channels of TV to watch, instead of one or two scratchy channels over the antenna. The subscription wasn't expensive either. It was like magic. I still have that set-up at home.

On the road, especially in the remote places we go, internet access and cell service can both be pretty spotty. Here on the island, it's still kinda off and on, but things have improved dramatically since they had to rebuild all the infrastructure from Hurricane Dorian.

The little boat bounding in its slip in 35 knot winds last night.


I did some informal work from home in the 90's mainly to finalize NYC orders on the office mainframe for approval. There was only one person (me) for that job and that was one way I could keep up. After a few days my boss approached me with a concerned look, asked me into his office and then said upper management had gotten a report that the system was being accessed at early hours (2am or so) of the morning and he was wondering if I knew what was happening. When I told him he sighed in relief and went to explain it to his boss.

Your cable company's running a cable to your land and the fortune it might have cost them reminded me of an episode when I was in Denali National Park in the mid 1990's. It was after my Sierra Club Service trip ended and I had booked 2 more days there just so I could hopefully catch their free bus to various locations and grab some pics. I had a bunch of dirty clothes that I needed to wash and the motel in the park had no laundry facilities at the time. So I hired a taxi to take me to a gas station/laundromat/grocery store a few miles away. I had their phone number so I thought I could call them once I was ready to return. Only thing was that gas station had no phone! And I discovered it only when I asked the attendant about using the payphone. He said they had no phone at all. By then the taxi was long gone otherwise I would have paid him to stay on or scheduled a pickup. I asked him why they had no phone at all and he said the owner had asked the phone company months before and they quoted him a price of about $75,000. And the owner said no thanks. I ended up hitching a ride in a pickup truck with one of the workers whose shift had ended and he was going to his gig as a musician. Otherwise it would have been a long, stress filled trek back to the Park lugging that warm clean sweet smelling pile of clothes on my back. Might not have made it to the next part of my trip which was to take the train down to Seward.

For me when I used to travel it was a lot about getting a ride from one place to another or scrambling for alternatives if it didn't show up, like in the Tetons at closing time.

Nice shot of the boat riding it out.


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