What is holding Sigma back with the new Merril(s)?

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Re: What is holding Sigma back with the new Merril(s)?

xpatUSA wrote:


This is the dng. It is the same size as the JPG. I converted using ACR. I opened the JPG in ACR, then immediately saved it as dng. Maybe it can work.

Maybe - but I'm unsure what to do with it. Easy enough if it was an Xrite card image to tune for maximum accuracy but, for a real image, the Profile Editor has you poking around and adjusting picked colors for hue, saturation and lightness thereby somehow coming up with a "Foveon Look". And who here would agree with the result?!

About the only other way I can think of is to shoot the Xrite color patch card with a Bayer and a Foveon under identical lighting, determine the differences Foveon vs. Bayer and then somehow apply the differences to the Bayer camera shots.

At which point, a circling shark would zoom in, the while going on about the difference in spectral curves and with a pinch of gradation or metamerism thrown in for good measure ...

I agree. I think you have a good view of the difficulties and pitfalls. Also the potholes that will swallow the rear passenger tire whole.

I agree there will be artifacts from such a color map, and some of them might be garish.

But, at least there is a path. I was not completely nuts with this idea.

Thanks again for taking a look.

PS until I actually tried it, I had no idea ACR would open JPGs and save them as DNGs.

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