Which other system to pair with Fujifilm

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Re: Which other system to pair with Fujifilm

I used to use m43 which was good for many reasons but changed to fuji xe3 which is nice for its compact size and lenses and didnt cost much.

I've also got an a7r2 for landscapes, although the camera will do anything and the iq is top notch when processed, i also pair it with the fantastic canon ef 70-200 f4 isii which is a great lens. af not great but still seems more accurate than my xe3...

Sony system has some great lenses and AF. Its an old school frame of mind thinking they are just an electronic company as they have really lead the way in mirrorless and cameras in many categories with canon and nikon playing catchup. ergonomics not the greatest but neither are fuji..

Not used nikon but i had my eyes on the canon r6  and RF cameras and lenses untill the prices were revealed which are terribly expensive imo. would have been great with my 70-200. of well... decided to stick with sony and also like the compact nature of some of the lenses and cameras..

That brings me to the true powerhouse camera!!

The Ricoh GRIII

Love this camera for its pocketability and joy to use. its my primary camera really but wasnt planned that way. Also has stabilisation. I like that i can take it with me anywhere with no plan to take photos and then just find something i like and just take a snap, day or night. awesome snap mode aswell.

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