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Re: ISO 1600 with the M4

hwvlover wrote:

Poor light necessitating high ISO gave me the chance to experiment with DxOPureRAW which I am trying out.
First up the SOOC fine jpeg (I am shooting raw + jpeg).

Ok, here I have the impression that the high ISO put enough noise on the sensor that the autofocus ended up with definite front focus. That leaves a bit less of detail to work with than if the focus would have been spot-on.

Second the jpeg produced after PureRAW (and only that) has done its stuff to the raw file.

Third. After playing with the PureRAW DNG file (all 85mb) in Photoshop Elements (Unsharpmask, shadows/highlights and crop) the resultant jpeg,

Opinions sought and welcomed.
And, by the way, it is a fledgling dunnock.

At article scale, the result is great. At 1:1 the amount of repairs possible is limited. The noise reduction does a good job, but in combination with what I think is the not-quite-perfect focus, the amount of reconstruction possible is limited and a good amount of structure ends up being lost. Again, at article resolution nothing to complain but, well, 85MB is probably excessive for storing it...

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