Which other system to pair with Fujifilm

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Re: Which other system to pair with Fujifilm

I've been pairing fuji and Nikon for a long while now, with an X-h1 and Z6 currently. Tried an 810 but I'm spoiled for IBIS, now:)

Nikon has great lenses for the Z, and a ton of tele options - where a Fringer adapter for your Fuji can replace a teleconverter - and more wide and superwide options.

Right now, I'm using the Fuji for the 35 1.4, 16 1.4, and 50-140 2.8 - I want to try the S primes soon but have to rebuild my camera fund first:) I'm also going to try the megadap L mount adapter, if that is at all usable on the Z6 I might just not care about any more lenses.

Nikons in operation feel more akin to Fuji than Sony or Canon, which makes shooting them side by side easier, so that's a concern as well.

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