Which other system to pair with Fujifilm

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Re: Which other system to pair with Fujifilm

It depends entirely on what you want to shoot.  I would decide on focal length  primarily and portability / budget:
  I own the Fuji X-T30 and my favorite lens is the 23mm F1.4 and the 15-45 kit lens at 15mm.
I don't have the budget to support 2 cameras but if i did it would be either:
1. Ricoh GR  - to be able to have a portable camera that is very capable that I could take on running in new locations
2. A nikon (or canon/sony - I am just used to Nikon DSLR) with a 70-200 F2.8 lens for local sports / athletics shooting .

Both uses are too niche to spend on in my case, so I tolerate my phone (samsun s9) for photos on the run and have a compact Nikon 100mm F2.8 to shoot sport on the fuji.  That is manual focus though so will be a test for me once lockdown ends and the opportunity arrises again.

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