Which other system to pair with Fujifilm

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Obvious answer

... is that it depends. Depends on what gap you want the secondary system to fill.

Sports and/or wildlife? I'd say a DSLR or Canon R5, which in the comparisons I've seen is better in practice than Sony's A1 specifications monster.

Higher resolution? The new Nikon Z-mount glass is a major step up in resolution from the aging X-mount and Sony E-mount, but cheaper than Canon RF. Nikon can't keep on pumping out more new lenses than Fuji and Sony combined for eternity though, so expect this advantage to diminish over time. Then there's GFX, which will obviously remain top dog for high res. And finally there's always the option of shooting panoramas with the gear you already have plus some minor investment in supporting equipment and techniques.

Adapting vintage lenses? Sony A7 (original) is really good value for that. Really affordable and gets you the full image circle of those lenses.

Smaller and portable? A smartphone.

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