Where have all our posters gone?

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Re: Where have all our posters gone?

AkashRana wrote:

I guess its a mix of things. People have moved on to E-mount as there hasn't been A-mount releases in last 4 years so not much discussions around those and this has in turn created a lack of people who would like to try new A-mount stuff and ask questions around it.

Another is the pandemic which has kind of reduced the kind of time that was spent in taking pics and questions on tips and techniques have slowed down.

And may be its due to the fact that there is whole repository of knowledge and experience already shared through this forum that the little number of people still using or wanting to try A-mount get their answers through those numerous existing posts and questions.

I think that's one factor. There are ancient threads being dug up from years ago where people (not necessarily the original poster) have follow up questions or additional information, so we know that they are actively sought out.

I believe in coming years it will be a similar scenario with Canon/Nikon DSLR forums where chatter will start to dry out, with mirrorless cameras being the focus.

They kinda already are. It's just that there are 10+ times as many users of Canon and Nikon that it feels like those forums are active.

There are sixty posts on the first page. It's a lot and if there are just 5-10 active threads, it will seem like very little activity. Once the number of active threads fills the screen (15+), it feels alive. Once it hits 60 active threads, it doesn't matter if it's 60 or 600, the first page is constantly active and the forum seems bustling.

But I just did an experiment to test our assumptions... On my screen (1440p), the number of threads on the first page is 10-13 (depending on multi-row titles).

Forum | 60th thread last update | 12th thread last update | Number of threads updated in last 24 hours (show as n hours ago)

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Nikon 1 System | 1 month ago | 1 week ago | 5

Olympus SLR | 1 month ago | 1 day ago | 9
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Fujifilm X System / SLR | 1 day ago | 4 hours ago | 39
Konica Minolta | 5 months ago | 3 weeks ago | 1

For comparison:
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Looking at other forums, it seems Film Photography is about the same-ish as SLR talk for specific brands/systems, medium format is pretty popular, apparently more than third party lens talk (it stands to reason since a lot of people ask 3rd party lens questions on system forums). If you want to see what 'dead' looks like, look at any compact camera forum.

But one thing stands out: even with DSLR sales still going relatively strong for Canon and Nikon, none of their DSLR forums can be called active in any way compared to mirrorless forums.

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