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Re: Will the "reduced development budgets" affect Nikon much?

I'm in marketing and I can tell you there's a very seedy side to YouTube and influencer marketing. If someone is bashing other brands and heavily promoting another, they're in it for the $. You would be astonished at how much money an influencer can make for a single product recommendation. 
Stick to YouTube channels from working photographers and those who aren't bashing brands. If you watch the "reviewers" and fanboys you'll blame your gear instead of learning how to use it. Instead, watch tutorials on composition, lighting, exposure and the type of photography that interests you.
The camera you have is phenomenal and coupled with Z lenses you can't do much better without spending considerably more. 
I just read ahead a little in the thread and saw you mention Ken Rockwell. His site is informative, but he's turned troll instead of being an honest reviewer. If you look at his Z7II and Z6II reviews he never even had the cameras in his hands.

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