*** 25 April 2021 - 2nd May 2021 - Weekly Show, Tell, and Critique***

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Re: *** 25 April 2021 - 2nd May 2021 - Weekly Show, Tell, and Critique***

Birddogman wrote:

KBTinto wrote:

I went back to Central Park a few days later.

I was going to upload more but as usual it is taking so long for each image to upload, 5 minutes at least, so I'll stop here. It's been like that these past few months with slow upload and where the internet connection also cuts off and everything I've uploaded/written but not posted yet gets lost. Very very annoying because I lose my train of thought and have to start from scratch. Lost quite a few times and I've just adjusted to limiting my responses to few words and small quantity of uploads (1 meg max each probably)


Encountered the dreaded internet connection message twice ... good thing it was not during an upload (DP review does not let me cancel when uploading a post) . Got reconnected after 3 tries, posted and now editing it to put some more sentences in.

Goodness. I’d expect that sort of thing in the wired, remote places we go, but not in NYC. The big hurricane in 2019 (Dorian) destroyed so much here on Ocracoke that rebuilding of all infrastructure was needed. Internet here actually isn’t too bad now - used to be awful.

I guess all the tall buildings with metal and concrete and even special glass would hamper wireless signals .  But I rarely had such constant loss of signal ... it got really bad starting October / November .. and I have a nagging feeling my provider is going to give priority to 5G (got notice saying they were cutting back customer support for my hotspot) but it might also have to do with other folks around my area getting their own wireless hotspots which I read can impact signal strength.  I might switch to cable for my internet (most apts in my building use cable) , combining it with tv. But the unlimited usage contract I currently have is very nice since  I can surf without bothering about how many Gigs I'm using but I wonder if the provider will offer the same deal.

I remember the days when I used phone modems with 1200 bps speed and connected to a bbs or 2 or 3   ...

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