What is holding Sigma back with the new Merril(s)?

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Re: What is holding Sigma back with the new Merril(s)?

D Cox wrote:

The usual view is that a Foveon is roughly equal in resolution to a Bayer with 1.7 or 1.8 times as many pixels. Certainly not 3x.

To equal the fp L, a new Foveon would need at least 30 Megapixels. That would be, twice the area of the Merrill, with the same pixel pitch as the Merrill.

Don Cox

Having used a 5DSr, a DP3M and a sdQ (and not just comparing compressed samples from some online source), it is my opinion that if there is an appreciable difference in apparent resolution/detail between the 3 of them, I am very hard pressed to find it.

Based on that real world experience, I do not have any reasons to doubt that a "20mp" FFF will be on an equal footing with a "60mp" Bayer "full frame" sensor.

I hope that Sigma can pull it off, but I have a suspicion that Canon will be bringing their 5DSr/1DsIII replacement before than.

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