LX100 vs my phone....

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Re: LX100 vs my phone....

Hi, in my opinion (with is not by any means professional) if you compare any,at least medium range, smartphone pictures to compact camera (with this kind of shot, where there is some contrast and sky visible), phone will 'win' (it is not actually something Iphone related i believe there are way better phone cameras on android side), simply because of auto hdr and ai multiple images stacking, and just overall jpg processing.

Most likely if you would do in camera or some other software, hdr or exposure stacking, and then compared same / similar shots, it would turn out better for the compacts (also depending on sensor, resolution and lense, i wonder if someone did that comparison, most likely if i can think about it, it was already done).

While lenses on most compact cameras, are way better, the image processing lag behind a lot (and lets face it, camera will not have as powerful processing power as a semi modern phone.. i think).

Some shots nokia smartphones could do years ago, will do better in my opinion, then current top smartphones (models like nokia 808 or 1020 - but they also would lose in many cases, for the same reason as lx100 did / at least for tonal range), for details and sharpening especially.

All this aside, details really look uglier at the phone (like even facial details), but i did print some of family photos, from both phone and old eos m, and it is true that for small size, it does not really matter (but in 99,9% of cases, i just look at photos at my monitor).

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