Profiling monitor at D65 or D55 for printing

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Re: Profiling monitor at D65 or D55 for printing

tsinsf wrote:

I just took a deep dive in trying to better understand color management for printing. Apparantly, real experts who make lots of prints have many different profiles for their monitor, changing K value (white point) depending on the paper and printer they are using. I don’t do enough printing and am not bored enough to actually want to do that. My monitor profile has been set to D65, but even with soft proofing I have to usually make many prints before I get the color right . The “my prints are too dark” is not the issue (fixed that by lowering the brightness of my monitor to 80 cd/m2). Quite a few people recommend two monitor profiles: one at D65 for web use, and one at D55 for printing. Do any of you have experience printing at D55 rather than D65 (or anything lower than 6500K)? Do you find that the soft proofed prints better approximate the colors on the monitor when the monitor profile is set to something warmer than D65, such as D 55?

It is very important the light you evaluate your prints under and where is that light (adjacent to the screen or to a different space).

If the light is next to the screen and you want a perfect screen to print match then you have to make different monitor calibration/profiling for different papers. In such a case IMO it is easier to reach the desired calibration values by trial and error and then proceed to the profiling step for every different paper.

My screen is calibrated to roughly 5700K and 130 cd/m and my evaluating light (solux 4700K halogen lamps) is in a different space (away from the screen).

I use the same monitor calibration/profiling settings for all the different papers.

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