Canon M5 still good?

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Re: Canon M5 still good?

Tapik wrote:

Larry Cunningham wrote:

Tzn11 wrote:


I have a good deal on a used near mint Canon M5.

The shutter count is only 2891.

I'm curious as to how the seller managed to get the shutter count for the M5. I've owned an M5 since the model first came out, and I've never found a way to extract that count.

Anyone know?


If you don't reset the file number you will see how much photos you took.

Quoting directly from the M5 manual:

"Your shots are automatically numbered in sequential order (0001-9999) and saved in folders that store up to 2,000 images each."

You can change this numbering scheme in the camera settings, but under no circumstances will it assign any image number higher than 9999.

I've taken well over 40,000 shots with my M5, based on the number of images in my Lightroom catalog.. That number has reset to 0001 more than 40 times so far.

As long as you've taken more than 9,999 shots with the camera, I know of no way to get a shutter count from the camera.

I just realized the implication for the current case: If the seller claimed that the shutter count was 2891 based on the file number, how are we to know whether that actually means 2891 or 10,2891 or even higher?


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