Olympus EM-10 Mark II Black Screen

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Re: Olympus EM-10 Mark II Black Screen

Confusedabit wrote:

47872Mike wrote:

Oops. This seemed to happen to me late last night. I turned it on, and the screen was blank but backlit, even though the cap was off my 45/1.8. The IBIS was making a very weird noise. Turned it off, removed battery, tried again. Same thing. After the third try, I noticed that the screen had symbols for video on it (I don't shoot video on this camera). I then saw that the mode dial was in an intermediate position half way between Manual mode (where I'd last used it) and Movie mode. It worked again after I moved the dial - not sure whether this was a coincidence or not.
I've owned the camera about 9 days and shot around 1100 shots on it. It had around 7000 on it when I bought it. Its battery is dated 2017.

I wonder what these resurrections of ancient camera failure posts really tell us especially with second hand gear which has been subject to unknow brutality.

Probably given how few there are over the period it is a reassurance more than anything that most of it works OK and a few don't which is standard across the board whatever mass production you buy.

I would not be at all surprised if the modern stranded car driver spends a week on the internet seeking re-assurance that the machine is not actually working before calling out the breakdown truck.

I think they speak volumes about the level of interest in the topics concerned. 
I definitely don't think that there is data suggesting that failure rates are "standard across the board", but if you have it, do please share it. I know it will have a ready audience...particularly amongst stranded car drivers, of course.

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