Diagonal Streaks In Sky on Select Shots (NOT Posterization)

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Re: Diagonal Streaks In Sky on Select Shots (NOT Posterization)

Platographer wrote:

Some, but not all, of my photos shot with my Sony A7Riv and Tamron 28-200mm on a particular weekend show diagonal lines across the sky. Below is a 4MP exported jpeg from Lightroom of a photo with this problem. The sky looks like someone brushed diagonal lines and randomly darkened or lightened the exposure of each one a little bit. I cannot reproduce this effect or find it in photos other than those I took that weekend (I didn't examine every single photo I took with this lens though).

The photos with this problem also had awful concentric rings show up when lens correction was applied. I posted that problem in the beginner's forum and people who replied helped me figure out it was lens correction that was causing that issue. I still have no idea why. But these diagonal lines persist even when lens correction is turned off, so they are a separate problem. I'm very frustrated because this is a weird, random, and mysterious problem that can ruin otherwise good photos without any notice.

Since the lines showed up in normal exposures too, there is no way it has anything to do with the long exposure. Also, the problem is not posterization because the lines are just as visible in Lightroom when developing the raw file as they are in the exported jpeg. I appreciate any help.

Nice photo! Did you use any polariser or ND filters?

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