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Re: pixl-latr Film Holder

"Good for the money" is my overall opinion. I got one months ago from the original UK website, and am very happy to see it being sold by Freestyle now (though Freestyle's shipping costs are annoying). My list of cons is going to be longer than my list of pros, but the pros count for a lot!


- It's cheaper than other options

- It holds the film flat (at least for 35 and 120)

- Generally, it does what it's supposed to do.


- It holds the film directly against the diffuser, which can be annoying in terms of dust

- There's one small insert that lets you block out a frame to one side of the 35mm frame you're shooting. That isn't enough to isolate the lens from the light panel, so I had to cut out a piece of cardboard to lay over the whole thing. Not a huge deal.

- The little optional rubber feet don't create quite enough friction, so you should really get a light panel with a textured face.

- The most annoying thing: scanning strips can be a pain in the butt. This is down to two reasons: 1. In order to (comfortably, at least) insert a film strip into the holder, you have to partially or completely remove the black top piece of the pixl-latr, put in the film, then push the holder back together. This is annoying if you've got a lot of strips. 2. Because of the way that top piece is designed, you can't easily push the film strip all the way through and out the other side, as it gets caught on the lip of the holder. That means that you typically have to open and the pixl-latr twice to do one strip. Thankfully, both of these issues are nonexistent if you do a whole roll at once.

Anyway, for $55 I think it's a good buy. It's served me well so far, and I even just used the diffuser to do four slides at a time without the top cover.

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