What is holding Sigma back with the new Merril(s)?

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Re: What is holding Sigma back with the new Merril(s)?

jpeghorror wrote:

Lukacs85 wrote:

A camera with a very limited iso range and lack of video capability isn't competitive. It wouldn't make any difference.

High resolution sensors are making Foveon technology obsolete. You can buy an A7RII in quite affordable price, with better IQ at any ISO than SDQH. Of course moiré is problem even with high resolution bayer, so I can't argue that Foveon has sitll advantages in few cases.

However I still like DP series. I bought the A7III and sold all DP Merrills, but I can't part from my DP2Q. 400g light, small body, and I have some attraction to design. And it still owns 24MP Bayer at iso100 in some cases. I like the portability paired with high IQ. Thera are'nt huge competition, Ricoh GR3, Fuji X100T/V, Sony RX1R, Leica Q, for landscape DP series are still the best bang of buck.

You mentioned moire - do you happen to know of any screw-on filters that can reduce or eliminate it? I understand there would be a loss of sharpness but not an issue for me.

Edit: I'm experiencing this with A7R2. Moire happens in bayer a lot more than we're led to believe, even at lower resolutions. Discovered quite a bit in the Canon R6 sample gallery, for instance.

This is why the Sigma fp-L has an AA filter on the sensor. That will eliminate almost all color moiré issues.

I myself have not found moiré to be much of an issue with my 36 MP Nikon D810, which does NOT have an AA filter, and from time to time I do shoot hundreds of photos of models wearing clothes. I know and work with a professional photographer who uses the same camera, and she shoots models in clothing often. She doesn't seem to have problems with moiré. I think if she did, she'd use her 50 MP Hasselblad more often.


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