Cannot restore colours after converting the negatives.

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Re: Also using ACR and Photoshop

Tomm111 wrote:

I use and old slide duplicator, a 3200K bulb and a Leica CL for copying the negatives. My ACR settings work well.


1) have a photo including the base color, in between frames is fine.

2) Take a white balance off the base.

3) Invert the curve.

4) Save the setting, it can be used with this type of film again

5) Next frame apply the setting you just made.

6) Transfer to Photoshop


1) Often here just Auto Tone and Auto Color work. And you're done.

2) If there is a black or gray area, you can use levels or curves and do the mid gray or black pickers.

3) In rare instances I use Levels to color adjust. Sometimes the ACR filter.

The place I get problems is with sunlight reflections. Annoying but can be worked out.

Thank you.

The purpose of my (this) post is to learn from advanced photographers, who do DIY digitizing, what type of light source they use to get right colours on the copied images.

I believe the inverted colours, done by ACR and PS, can be acceptably right if the light source is right. Acceptably right, not professionally right. I will be satisfied as long as the converted images look normal.

I do not photograph for photography per se.  I travel and hike. Photography is for a kind of record of my activities. I am satisfied as long as the images are acceptably normal.

Sophisticated gears & software are just not my cup of tea. All my gears are of general consumers' products, Canon, Contax, Minolta, Nikon, even prototypes of cameras & lenses made by the contractors of brand companies.

The two images hereunder, the first is a jpeg image of the digitized RAW file. I want to show the colours of the digitized image, not yet inverted, and the second is a jpeg image inverted in ACR & adjusted colours & white balance there, and then transferred  to PS by Open Object & adjusted colours in Colour Balance.

This (the image above) is the best I can do now (not have the right source yet). This image is about 80% close to the original image, a print of the original negative.

About the original image.
Time. Around 4:00pm, September 1994.
Place. Mountains on islands, southwest Pacific.
Weather. Partial cloudy, huge chunks of low clouds, hot & smoggy.
Camera. Minolta X700 & Tokina AT-X 28-85mm 1:3.5-4.5 for travel light.
Filter. 1B Hoya.
Scene. On slope of mountains, water about 100 meters down.
Colours. surrounded by blue clouds & green mountains & slight orange sun.

About the inverted colours.
Light source. Philips Tornado 60w shines on white paper 25cm to lens front.
File. ARW file of Sony a7II & Tamron 90mm macro 1:1 @f8 1/60s.
Inversion. Inverted in ACR & adjusted colours & adjusted in PS by Colour Balance.

Critiques please.
Please point out all of the unacceptable.
Very grateful to you.

It will convince me that I do not have to use sophisticated software for a DIY hobby like this one.

Again, colour inversion will be all right if the light source if right and exposure correct, I think.

Thank you and appreciate your critique.


First, image 1

Second, image 2

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