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Mike B USA wrote:

Ted Partrick wrote:

Having said that the color development is easier, the conversion of the scanned negatives to positives for digital use is much harder to do. With B/W, you just need to get the tonal range right. With color negatives, you've also got to get the colors right. That is much the hardest part for me.

Getting an image is easy, but getting the colors right is what makes home C41 development harder than B/W in my experience. Accurate C41 colors depend on very tight temperature tolerances, typically less than +/- 0.5C and preferably less than +/- 0.2C throughout the entire process.

Not quite; at least in the Kodak process the only critical temperature is that of the developer. The rest can be handled with a window of +/- 5ºC, more actually. Then, a simple neutralizing of a blank section of your roll will get you perfect colors and Photoshop will take care of the rest. Using a water control bath and leveling the tank temperature to the 100ºF most C41 requires is more than enough. How exacting do you think minilabs were/are? My problem in Mexico is finding the 1L kits. Everything is sized for the commercial labs.

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