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Last Saturday I was able to go to a tulip farm to take pictures. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic it was closed last year. This year they opened it up to people, but on-line reservations had to be made to reduce the amount of people and congestion. So, here we go. I finally got another chance to take some photos of something other than at a park or local wildlife area.

Photo No. 1 - This is one of the first photos I took.

Photo No. 2 - There were clouds but we didn't have rain until later. The sign below basically asked that people not walk along the narrow paths (but stay on the wide paths). You can see the tulip flowers were damaged a little bit that way.

Photo No. 3 - I wanted to take as many photos as I could before it started raining.

Photo No. 4 - There were so many beautiful flowers.

Photo No. 5 - For a few minutes we even had some blue sky.

Photo No. 6 - From this picture you can see the Cascade Mountain Range in the background.

Photo No. 7 - Beautiful yellow tulips too....

Photo No. 8 - They had this platform for people to climb.

Photo No. 9 - I was so busy taking photos in the fields, I forgot to use the platform myself to take more pictures at that height.

Photo No. 10 - I zoomed in closer for this one. I brought with me two cameras and two lenses, but decided to see if I could just use the Canon 18-135mm lens. I wanted to do it that way, so I had good depth of field. As you can see, there were very few people looking at flowers and if I wanted to take candid photos of people I would do it at close range. Later we did have rain and I got more photos of the tulips beneath an umbrella. But I'm staying with the ten photo limit. I can show more pictures later, this week or next.

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